Our main objective is to share great music that might otherwise have gone unnoticed – music that not only has the potential to reach out to a wide range of listeners, but also stands for originality and innovation and reflects the remarkable achievements of our students. However, we feel that it’s not only the creators who should be represented; we should also represent the students who devote their time to studying the mechanisms of the music industry, the students who feel passionately about structural and technological change and who, we are sure, will be the innovators of tomorrow's industry. In a nutshell, C3U Records aims to provide a vehicle for students’ creative ideas, from production to distribution and beyond.


While C3U Records has a coordinator drawn from the university’s Music Business staff, it’s the students who run the engine that powers the sharing of music with new audiences. At the beginning of each academic year, C3U Records opens its doors to artists, providing them with the opportunity to hand in demos. Once all the work is submitted, it’s passed on to student groups studying our Music Enterprise and Music Business Futures modules. They listen to each demo and decide which artists they want to invite to audition. The groups are usually made up of around half a dozen students, whose primary goal is to establish ways of sharing the music/work; it could be through developing a record release, booking a live tour, designing a marketing campaign or even organising exhibitions. Once the groups have chosen artists to work with, they invest their time, energy and passion into sharing that work


The Music Enterprise and Music Business Futures modules put particular emphasis on collaboration, so that students are able to tap into each other’s skill sets. Aside from individual project work, each group is taught, mentored and guided by the C3U Records coordinator. It’s the coordinator’s job to aid the development of the projects, providing experience, networks and ideas to each group. It’s also the role of the coordinator to unlock and facilitate innovative approaches within these groups, enabling them to take an open-minded outlook and develop a vision for the music industry of the future.


The outcome of this whole process is the release of a series of exciting new music projects, each with a dedicated team behind them.



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